about our DJ's

Osric Powel

Osric has been collecting vinyl records since the late 70’s and DJs from an expansive repertoire of music. His love of music is synonymous with a passion for vinyl that harks back to his early school days. Hiphop was in its infancy and CD’s didn’t exist! His musical influence and background stems from early Hiphop (70’s, early 80’s) and soul/disco. Nowadays Osric’s tastes have grown to include soul funk, break beat, jazz and electronic.

Michael Brittliff

Michael has to be one of the most eclectic DJ’s on the scene right now. With one hand permanently on the quest for new music and the other rooted in the music of the past Michael weaves the perfect blend of old to new with ease. With his attention always focused on his audience and Michael’s impeccable music knowledge ensure performances always leaves crowds wanting more.

Charlie Bucket

A DJ who needs no introduction is the funk soul brother Charlie Bucket! To say Charlie’s unique style of Funk, soul, Hip-Hop and just about everything in between is high demand is a massive understatement. Supporting up such acts as DJ Shadow and Grand Master Flash to name just a few Charlie continues to be the go to guy when the big names are in town. When not behind the decks you will find Charlie in a record shop digging though creats of records in sure of the next break.